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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Woa, lots of work

Has the semestre ever flown by! The main reason for this of course, is lots of work.
One of those bits of work, is of course, the Final Project. I'll make sure to post some test renders of
my Final once its at that stage. Even right now I'm pretty stoked about it.

This isn't related to anything recent, but have you known, or are, someone who leaves ID at home?
What's with that? The only place in the entire universe that you DON'T need an ID is in your own home! Why do you leave it there?
I've had to do booze runs for my friends who are above the drinking age. The reason I've had to do this is because they look younger and I'm the only one who actually brings their ID with them, they leave theirs at home.
I guess I may haul that extra .25 gram around in my wallet for nothing on certain days, but who cares?

Nothing postworthy yet from the drawing department. I'm really getting into the CG now, but I still love to draw. Maybe I'll post my storyboard final on here or something.


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