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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Uh yeah, I guess I should actually post some stuff on here. But yeah nothing much new with me,
Out of all my classes at school, I'm actually kinda getting into storyboarding. Right now I'm working on a leica reel, so the actual drawing portion of the storyboard is done.
Here's some of my life drawing that I just handed in. I've always liked Life Drawing, it always clears my mind.
As for the rest of my program , things are ok.
I accidently rendered an assignment to MPEG-4 on friday and it looked like shit, but I didn't have time to re-render :<
Other than that working with Maya is only getting easier, so I'm gaining confidence. But I still have that insatiable urge to draw whenever I'm animating in Maya. Sometimes I feel like just taking the screen off the monitor and just move whatever I'm trying to move with my hands.
But there are pluses to animating on the computer, all the tedium of inbetweening and cleanup are gone, and even worrying about being on model. This way I can focus mainly on timing. Timing doesn't sound that big but by the sounds of the industry, timing is close to everything! And even timing on my leica reel proved challenging for me. Anyways, come back soon, I'll put some more drawings on.


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